What we ensure we are providing for our youth...

Project-Based Learning

Each term in our after school programmes is focused on equipping our learners with a range of skills and ideas which they use to develop their ideas around a project.

21st Century Mindsets

We equip our learners with the mindsets which will ensure success in a rapidly evolving world: persistence, resilience, flexible thinking. We focus on the 5 Cs of 21st Century learners: collaboration, creativity, communication, citizenship and critical thinking.

Tools for Innovation & Creativity

We use tools in ways which foster innovation and creativity. We help learners to select the right tool for what they need. Our tools range from prototyping tools like cardboard and sellotape right through to a 3D printer, laser cutter, VR and AR software. 

We also...

Provide kits and support for teachers

We are building a resource of kits for schools so we can help Monty’s wish come true (see below)!

These kits make it easier for teachers to provide hands-on problem solving experiences to their students. 

Support the Gig City Lending Library for Schools

Gig City and Chorus funded the beginning of a lending library for schools, to support them in removing barriers for access to 21st Century equipment. 

Support Chatbus

We are big fans of Chatbus and support all that they do in giving young people access to free counselling and mental health support.

We are proud to be a Chatbus STAR. Charitable donations from any of the entrepreneurial pursuits that children take on at Hatch are donated to Chatbus.


An amazing programme for young creative minds! Children not only have an exciting structured programme they have the opportunity to run with their own ideas and projects. There is no other programme like it in Dunedin run by inspiring, enthusiastic educators!
I wish school was like Hatch!
Age 8
Our son loves going to Hatch. We think the problem solving and the creative thinking are such valuable skills to develop along with the use of a range of technologies as tools. Hatch has lots of equipment that the kids can experience using such as 3D printers and robotic kits. They learn to use these in a meaningful way. Thanks Phillipa and the team for providing a fun, supportive and stimulating environment.

Why we do what we do...

Founder of Hatch Education – Phillipa Dick – excerpts from an interview as part of an Innov8HQ series.

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