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Creating Virtual Reality
Learn all about how to create a virtual world.
Module 1 Learning the Basics
This is the foundation for understanding how to use CoSpaces.
Unit 1 Adding an environment and operating the camera
Unit 2 Adding Characters
Unit 3 Changing Characters
Unit 4 Programming Characters
Module 2 Applying the Basics
Students create a Virtual Reality Scene and, for each aspect shown, earn 10XP.
Unit 1 Pirate Plunder Activity
Unit 2 Robot Rattle Activity
Module 3 Animal Disco
Show your skills in this project!
Unit 1 Add stage sound to your project
Unit 2 Attach and animate objects
Unit 3 Change the posture of figures
Unit 4 Locking & Grouping Objects
Unit 5 Programming
Module 4 A world made virtually by you!
Create a world made up of your own creatures and objects.
Unit 1 Using Building Blocks
Unit 2 Make your own creatures in CoSpaces
Unit 3 Masking Objects
Unit 4 Adding new scenes
Module 5 Making objects collide - CoSpaces Physics
Uncover the physics blocks and how to use them to create cool projects.
Unit 1 Controlling Physics with Blockly
Unit 2 Make a Jenga Tower
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Learn how to program with Microbits.
Module 1 Microbit Basics
Learn about the basics of using a Microbit.
Unit 1 Flashing Heart
Unit 2 Smiley Buttons
Unit 3 Coin Flipper
Module 2 Microbit Intermediate
Try some harder projects with microbits.
Unit 1 Rock, Paper, Scissors
Unit 2 Magic Button Trick
Unit 3 Salute! (Card Game)
Module 3 Microbit with Others
Combine microbits for these projects.
Unit 1 Fireflies
Unit 2 Hot or Cold
Module 4 Microbit Projects
Have fun making these projects with the Microbits.
Unit 1 Inchworm
Unit 2 Milk Carton Robot
Unit 3 Timing Gates
Unit 4 Soil Moisture
Unit 5 Plant Watering
Unit 6 Reaction Time
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