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Film Making
Learn tips and techniques to make awesome movies with cool special effects.
Module 1 Doink Green Screen Filming
Get imaginative with the backgrounds you can use and transport yourself to anywhere using the green screen and the Doink app.
Unit 1 Doink Green Screen basics
Unit 2 Doink - Combining videos
Unit 3 Resizing
Unit 4 Error fixing - Cropping images and videos
Unit 5 Using the Mask Tool
Unit 6 Combine Doink animation with Doink green screen.
Unit 7 Movie Magic
Module 2 Special Effects with iPad apps
Add blasts, explosions, light saber battles and more to your movies.
Unit 1 Super Power App
Unit 2 FX Guru App
Unit 3 Saber Movie FX App
Module 3 Using Hitfilm for video editing and special effects
Learn a whole range of cool movie tools using Hitfilm. It's free to download so you could practise at home too!
Unit 1 HitFilm - Beginner tutorial
Unit 2 How to clone your actors
Unit 3 How to Morph
Unit 4 Creating Holograms
Unit 5 Tracking objects
Unit 6 Open Ended