Saturdays at Hatch

We've got two exciting projects happening at Hatch on Saturdays in Term 4 as well as extended opening hours. Students will select the course they want to be part of and can buy Saturday passes.
Starting Saturday, October 20th

Game Design

The Game Design industry is worth billions of dollars and there are so many ways in which games can add value to the world. Turn your children from consumers to creators!  It is an industry with roles for people from diverse backgrounds of expertise. Expose your child to the thinking, collaboration and skills required to work in this industry.

Students will collaborate with others to plan, design and build a digital game with a purpose. They will learn the skills of digital art creation and coding as well as exploring ways in which to make a game that engages others in their idea. We will expose them to a range of game making software and they can choose the one that suits their plan the best. We will aim to take these games to market.

We need artists and outside-the-box thinkers. We need creators and problem solvers. We need your child(ren)!

Christmas Gifts & Enterprise

Dunedin is a hub for StartUp businesses. The earlier that our young people are exposed to entrepreneurship, the more chance they have of being able to build a career around their passions. We want to help our young people start the journey.

Students will use a range of technologies (laser cutter, 3D printer etc) to design and make Christmas gifts for their family and friends or for a Christmas market which we will hold in December in the Otago Polytechnic Hub. If students make items for the market, they will donate a portion of the profits to charity and the rest of the profits will be theirs. 

(Please note that there may be some extra material costs if multiple productions of a gift are required.)

Bookings & Payments

If you make a single booking you will be able to indicate on the booking form the dates you’d like to attend.  

Attendance is any time from 10am-4pm

See our booking sheets for discounts for booking two children.