Begin by exploring virtual museums and galleries from around the world. Find out about how VR is helping people to experience things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. Make a plan for a VR experience that you are going to create for an area of Dunedin.

Find out how AR is being used in the world. Design and make your own AR experience for Dunedin.

Learn about how apps can be used to solve problems and make the world a better place…if you design them well. Make a plan for an app design. Once your plan is given the go-ahead, you get to make the app!

We’re going to be holding a Christmas Market at the Polytech. Find out how other young people have made money from their ideas. Explore the types of technology you can use at Hatch. Make a plan!

Choose from a variety of projects on offer to learn more about how motors work.


Build and create robotics projects which solve problems. We have examples for you to follow or you can come up with your own idea.

Learn about how game design companies work. Design and make a game which others will enjoy playing.