I wish school was like Hatch!
Age 8

Hatch is amazing! It is creative and offers children incredible learning experiences that are not necessarily covered in school. I always feel 100 percent confident and happy with the care the children get at Hatch and love that they are always buzzing when they come home. We are SO fortunate to have an organisation like Hatch operating in our city. Phillipa and her team are outstanding educators.

Hatch is awesome and has been one of the few things keeping my kids engaged in learning at times when I school failed to do so.

An amazing programme for young creative minds! Children not only have an exciting structured programme they have the opportunity to run with their own ideas and projects. There is no other programme like it in Dunedin run by inspiring, enthusiastic educators!

Hatch is the highlight of my son’s week. He loves it! Staff are very friendly and approachable.

Love Saturday Mornings. We really appreciate the way that you support the boys’ ideas. Your ability to think outside the box certainly makes our boys’ projects successful. Thank-you for your hard work.

Hatch has improved Charlotte’s confidence immensely. Her teachers are able to build on this so that she can acquire the skills she needs to bring her school work to life. Charlotte has also enjoyed working with kids that are interested in science just like she is??

Great way of ensuring that screen time is productive and creative!

We love the diversity of materials used for inspiration.

Hatch is an amazing initiative for our young!! Grateful for the opportunity and excited to see what the future holds. Totally worth every cent!!!

I have 2 kids at different ages that love coming to Hatch every week. They learn so many new things each week I would always recommend Hatch.

Our son loves going to Hatch. We think the problem solving and the creative thinking are such valuable skills to develop along with the use of a range of technologies as tools. Hatch has lots of equipment that the kids can experience using such as 3D printers and robotic kits. They learn to use these in a meaningful way. Thanks Phillippa and the team for providing a fun, supportive and stimulating environment.

A great place for our son to talk ‘tech’ with others with similar passions. He gets so much out of going each week. Really pleased that there is an outlet for children in this subject area in Dunedin.

I love what Hatch offers. You provide learning opportunities to be creative and collaborate with peers and industry leaders. I wish school could be more like Hatch.

Joe loves coming to Hatch each Saturday – it’s a highlight of his week.

Particularly pleased that older kids are able to come back and be volunteer mentors. Learning how to effectively teach is a valuable skill

My boy thoroughly enjoys Hatch, and when he asked if he could do some harder or different things he was listened too and challenged further.

Hatch has inspired our children to be problem solvers & innovators.